adventure and nature with an ancestral mapuche heritage

Imagine a place where you can relax, drinking your delicious espresso, accompanied by a sublime piece of küchen, watching a beautiful woodpecker hop, from tree to tree, mere yards away, with a jaw-dropping volcano watching over you. Later, you might get on a bike or go hiking there. Or rafting nearby. Or fishing. Or birdwatching. Or sunbathing. Or even fine dining. Congratulations! You made it to Pucón!

There’s no such thing as a better location than Pucón. It’s in the middle of some of the world’s most beautiful mountains, lakes, forests and rivers. It’s no coincidence that people who visit here often say it´s their favourite place in Chile!

Pucón was originally founded as a Chilean fortification for the wars against the Mapuche people (who to this day maintain a strong presence in the area). But it was the descendants of German settlers who gave this town it’s particular style, in the early 1900s. Don’t be surprised if, at times, you feel like you might be in the Bavarian Alps, instead of the Chilean Andes.

A wide range of individuals looking for clean air and natural living have turned Pucón into a paradise for outdoor activities, arts and crafts, and of course, delicious food. The town is lively by both day and night.

There are few places with such a delicious variety of foods as Pucón. You may want to try some boar ribs, or a delicious pizza with fresh ingredients, or high quality Italian food. However, given the German background, don’t fail to take in the local breads and pastries, particularly the walnut küchen at La Suiza.

There is a plethora of adventure possibilities in Pucón, from renting a bike or car to check out the surrounding areas, to going on a rafting trip, to fly-fishing on a nice calm stretch of water nearby. For lovers of nature, it’s impossible to be bored here.

Peak season draws in people from all over the world, too, so bring something stylish to put on at night. Rumor has it that Leonardo DiCaprio has been spotted in town before, but don’t worry: there’s no paparazzi, only smiling adventurers everywhere, trying to have a good time.