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Sustainability Policy



We make a valient effort to ensure that the resources spent by tourists are circulated back into the local community.
In addition, the socio-cultural field is of vital importance to us as well. We understand that our tourist destinations are enriched by the culture, traditions, gastronomy, and idiosyncrasies of its people, therefore, it’s essential for us that all our clients can know and experience it.

All this makes ECOCHILE Spa establish a commitment that responds to social and environmental demands that guarantee sustainable development based on the following principles:

• Against the exploitation of human beings in any form, especially sexual and particularly when it affects children.
• Provide equal employment opportunities to members of the local community without discrimination.
• Supply locally and have a sustainable purchasing system, privileging environmentally friendly products.
• Offer the best possible quality of services.
• Stimulate the local economy.
• Contribute to the integral development of the community and local welfare.
• Restoration, conservation and protection of cultural heritage.
• Minimize its generation and carry out responsible waste management;
• Adhere to the principles of fair trade.
• Respect for local communities and especially members of native communities.
• Ensure that the transport procedures carried out are as efficient as possible.