About us

a local tour operator with a passion for nature


a local tour operator with a passion for nature

  • Our Work

    We are a local tour operator in Chile. Our work consists of one-day or longer excursions throughout Chile. Our specialty is “tailor-made” trips and the skilled planning of itineraries that match up with our clients’ tastes. 235/5000 We also care about maintaining the best working environment, transparent, based on trust and freedoms. Good performance and work environment is reflected in our client's planning and excursions.

  • Our Mission

    We are always seeking to develop and improve tourism in local communities and in remote zones with lower tourism levels. We believe in the strength that tourism can exert to protect and continue to protect areas rich in natural resources and that can be seen at risk by the interest of other industries. We want to take responsibility for recovering original identity and important traditions that have been lost over time.

  • Why Us

    Since the beginning, we at Ecochile have focused on personalizing our work and giving each client an important experience. All of us here love to travel and we know how important it is to plan everything well and having experience and support when it traveling. "We identify with our clients".

  • How We Do It

    We have regular group meetings to maintain good communication in the team and align our perspectives. We are also constantly working on evaluating our providers and checking that the service is up to the standard of our clients.

  • Local Products

    The integration of communities and local products are one of the most important focal points for us. We go to great lengths to integrate these elements into each of our services. We make sure to respect the people and places we visit.


It all began when Juan Pastor and Christian led field trips at a language school for foreign students in Santiago. The two of them shared very similar interests and went to great effort to design “tailor-made” trips for students while visiting Chile. In 2011,  their company was formed and they began to focus on the tourism concepts they were developing to become a different company. The most iconic aspect of it was eco-friendly tourism; a way of defining responsibility for the environment and its importance in human relationships. This was initially geared toward small groups and sought to achieve a familiar atmosphere on each trip. Some time later, they were joined by Joaquín, who shared the same enthusiasm for outdoor sports, music, cultural traditions and a sense of humor.

They began to develop different types of trips, starting with one-day tours right up to expeditions lasting over a week. With time, more and more students came to enjoy the team’s organization and charismatic style. The number of people interested in taking trips with Ecochile grew, and more than one group has even returned to Chile to visit other destinations.

Today, the team has grown and established itself as one big family at work. Its vision and way of delivering tourism is a fundamental and transcendental key that has been shared by everyone who founded – and form part of – this unique group.


Christian Morrison
Co-founder & CEO


Joaquín Bruna
Co-owner & Marketing


Valentina Neupert
Product Manager