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Nature & Social Responsability

Welcome to Ecochile Travel, we are a group of friends aiming to empower the preservation and conservation of the Chilean natural heritage. We practice what’s called eco-social tourism, in addition to relationships forming within the group of participants, it is also important to us that connections are formed just as strongly between the participants and the guides.

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10 Places in Chile You Didn’t Know Existed

Chile is a country with a wide variety of landscapes, some well known and other secrets. Here are some beautiful places rarely visited the country and you can visit with the help of Ecochile […]

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Finding the Right Souvenirs in the Right Places in Santiago

Do you know that frightening feeling when you go to a foreign country and just don’t know what to bring your loved ones back home as a souvenir?

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Atacama church

From the German Countryside to the Atacama Desert in Chile

The desert. Sand, stones and rocks. Little population or possibility for anything to live. In Europe, I’m from Germany, such landscape is rather unknown

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