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About us

Our Story

In 2011, EcoChile Travel was founded by their partners with the goal of creating a new kind of travel company; one based on concepts like ‘eco-friendly tourism’ between tourist and local host, tour flexibility, and balancing responsibility with their clients through friendship and the environment. While the company has grown and now leads a variety of excursions all over the country, those core goals – friendly atmosphere, small groups, personalized travel, sustainability – still form the bedrock of EcoChile Travel.

Our Values

Reliability – We guarantee that you are in good hands; Payment is made through secure, vouchsafe channels, and our fraud protection and liability insurance ensures safety and security.

Logistics – First-hand experience in planning travel is key to booking you the best trip possible. Our team of international and local travel experts, will take care of every detail of your trip.

Suppliers & local communities – Our close relationships with our suppliers ensures that you can have a truly authentic, immersive experience while also supporting the local economy and community.

We work with passionate people!

Christian Morrison

Co-founder & CEO

Joaquín Bruna

Co-founder & COO

Oxana Protchenko

Head of Sales

Patricia Rosas

Head of Operations

Marina Ettlin

Sales Executive

Felipe Velasco

Head of Guides

Macarena Morales

Administration & Accounting

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