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Requirements for entering Chile

Entry to Chile from abroad


The accreditation of vaccines to access the “Mobility Pass” (Pase de Movilidad) is voluntary, but we highly encourage you to apply for it at mevacuno.gob.cl at least 30 days prior arrival, as the pass allows you to board planes, enter lounges inside restaurants, stay at some accommodations like the Refugios in Torres del Paine, among others.

  • All foreigners who wish to enter Chile, and who have already validated their vaccination scheme on the website mevacuno.gob.cl, must submit an affidavit at least 48 hours before boarding on the website C19.cl.
  • A PCR or Antigen test to enter Chile, although it is not mandatory, we advise all travelers to undergo a diagnostic test before traveling (48 to 24 hours before boarding the international plane) to avoid any inconveniences upon arrival.
  • In addition, you must have medical insurance with a minimum coverage of USD $ 30,000. Which covers any expenses caused by COVID-19.
  • Once entering the country, a PCR or antigen test shall be randomly done at the point of entry into Chile (one person per travel group)
    • Those who undergo the PCR test should not carry out quarantine, the result of the test is between 6 to 12 hours.
    • Those who undergo the antigen test shall wait for the result at the point of entry.

In both cases, if the result of the test is positive, you must obligatorily isolate yourself for 7 days at the address declared in your C19 affidavit or in the place determined by the Health Authority.

  • The steps enabled for the entry of foreigners are the Arturo Merino Benítez Airport, the Iquique airport, and the Antofagasta airport.

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