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A perfect combination of Latin culture and European influence

Argentina is the perfect combination of Latin culture and European traditions. The capital city of Buenos Aires proudly boasts Tango as one of its biggest attractions, a dance originated in the city’s port. The city is also recognized for its world-class restaurants of which originated due to the enormous momentum that exists for local commerce and European influence throughout the country. The vast extent that exists in Argentina, makes it a rich country full of varied landscapes, sports and cultural activities.
From Mendoza, one can find high quality vineyards with worldclass Malbecs, while at the same time take part in activities such as rafting or climbing Cerro Aconcagua, the highest peak in the Andes Mountains (and western hermisphere!).In Argentine Patagonia, visitors can enjoy mezmorizing views of glaciers and towering mountains. Additionally, the south offers opportunities to savor the roast of lamb and taste the famous mate while experiencing the life of a gaucho.

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