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From USD 4,780 / 12 days

Itinerary at a Glance

  • Enjoy a twelve-day tour by exploring unique areas of Chile
  • Stay away from the crowds with a smart-planned itinerary
  • Explore the highlights of Rapa Nui, visiting Rano Raraku, Ahu Tongaiki, Anakena beach, Rano Kau & Orongo village
  • Go from the subterrene caves to the summits of Rapa Nui.
  • Turn into a «Santiaguino» exploring the Santiago bites and historical sites.
  • Learn the history of the port city of Valparaiso and taste the Chilean wine
  • Visit the Altiplanic Lagoons, at the Flamencos National Reserve
  • Tatio Geysers, get astonished by one of the largest group of steaming springs in the world
  • Moon Valley, a sunrise that you will never forget


Starting in Chile’s capital, Santiago, you will be immersed in one-of-the-most diverse countries in the world!

Followed by a tiny and remote speck of land in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Easter Island’s mysterious past, rare archaeological artefacts, and envy-inducing tropical vistas, making it a must-visit destination. The island has been home to the Rapa Nui people for thousands of years, who built houses, performed elaborated ceremonies and, most famously, crafted the giant rock statues known as «Moai», that now dot the island’s landscapes. We’ll explore ancient archaeological sites, learn about Rapa Nui culture and traditions, climb volcanoes, descend into seaside caves, and more to discover the treasures of Easter Island, the gem of Polynesia.

Before you flight up-north, a stop in Santiago is added to explore the City, its historical context and taste the most traditional food with local guides! Followed by a tour in Valparaíso, «A world heritage site», and visit one of the most famous wine regions in Chile, Casablanca Valley.

Finally, located in the heart of the Atacama Desert, the traditional town of San Pedro de Atacama is an oasis for explorers eager to discover and immerse themselves in the natural wonders and cultures of the world’s driest desert. Steaming-hot geysers, shimmering salt flats, lunar valleys of time-sculpted stone, lagoons that serve as homes to local fauna like flamingos, hazy mountains and volcanoes, and some of the clearest and most spectacular night skies on the planet.

An incredible journey, filled with culture and amazing landscapes is waiting for you!

Detalles del itinerario


Pick up at Santiago’s international airport and drive to your Hotel in Santiago. You will have the rest of the day at leisure to relax and enjoy this vibrant city.

Bidasoa Eco Boutique Hotel Santiago de Chile

Pick up at your hotel and drive to the Santiago airport to start the Rapa Nui Adventure!

After flying into Easter Island’s Hanga Roa Airport from Santiago (flight not included), you’ll be picked up from the airport by your guide-driver, who will take you to your hotel in the town of Hanga Roa where you’ll be based during your time in Rapa Nui. You’ll have a short break to rest and unpack before heading out on your first adventure.

In the afternoon,  your guide will return to the hotel to take you on your excursion to Rano Kau, Easter Island’s largest volcano. The easy hike to the top brings you to a stunning viewpoint that looks out over the volcano’s crater, which houses a small fresh-water lake and is home to a beautiful and diverse microclimate. You are also treated to top-of-the-world views of the island and the ocean. The trail winds around the rim of the crater, which you’ll follow to reach the ancient historical site, Orongo Village. This collection of sod-covered stone buildings was once an important ceremonial center for the Rapa Nui people, and a dangerous race was held here every year, with hunters racing down the sides of the volcano and swimming to a nearby islet to fetch a sooty tern egg. Your guide will tell you all this and more while you explore the site.

You’ll then be taken back to your hotel, where you have the option to have a free evening and explore the town and have dinner at your leisure

Optional Activity: Take part in a pre-arranged dinner at a local Rapa Nui home, accompanied by traditional island music.

Easter Island Ecolodge Hanga Roa

Please note: Activities may vary or have to be changed due to bad weather, unsafe road conditions, etc. However, should a cancellation take place, an alternate activity/excursion will be arranged. 

After breakfast at the hotel, your guide and driver will pick you up and begin the drive to Rano Raraku volcano, the site of one of the most amazing archaeological treasures on the island. A quarry is located there, and it was from this quarry that all the island’s famous Moai were carved. We’ll explore the site, where some Moai are still located, and learn all about its geography and history.

Afterwards, we’ll head to Ahu Tongariki, the largest megalithic center in the entirety of Polynesia. Perched atop a ceremonial stone platform (an ahu), 15 Moai sit, regally looking out over the landscape. Your guide will tell you about the fascinating history of the site, such as how the statues, when first found in 1992, had actually been toppled over during a civil war. We’ll then continue to the nearby Anakena Beach to visit its Ahu Nau Nau, as well as enjoy a delicious lunch from one of the local food stands/kiosks and even take a refreshing dip in the serene turquoise waters of the beach’s sheltered bay!

After lunch, we’ll head to a nearby volcanic cave system known as the “Roiho” or “Te Ana” circuit. The Rapa Nui people once used these caves as hide-outs during clashes between different tribes and raids. Your guide will educate you on these caves’ history while exploring the different caves, including Ana Te Pahu, Ana Te Pora, and Ana Kakenga. Each cave is different and beautiful in its own way, especially the last one as it has two “windows” that look out onto the ocean. After exploring the caves, we’ll return to your hotel where you’ll have the rest of the evening free.

Easter Island Ecolodge Hanga Roa

Please note: Activities may vary or have to be changed due to bad weather, unsafe road conditions, etc. However, should a cancellation take place, an alternate activity/excursion will be arranged. 

This tour is not recommended for travellers with mobility issues. 

Today, we’ll head out before dawn to watch the sunrise from a very special location: the “Place Where The Night Breaks”. The guide will pick us up from the hotel and drive to the eastern end of the island, where we’ll hike up the slopes of Rapa Nui’s oldest volcano, Poike Hill, whose name comes from the Rapa Nui words “Po” (night) and “ike” (break), as it’s the first place on the island that receives the first rays of the rising sun. Very few people come to this little-visited spot, so you’ll have a peaceful spot to watch the sunrise. The site also contains other treasures like the Vai a Heva, a human-faced rock that was used to collect rainwater, and Ana o Keke or “virgin’s cave”, where it’s believed adolescent women were sent to prepare for fertility rites. After exploring these sites, we’ll return to Hanga Roa where you’ll have time to enjoy lunch on your own.

After lunch, we’ll head to the island’s highest summit (511 mt./1,677 ft. above sea level), Maunga Terevaka, by hiking or on a horseback ride. From the top, you’ll have a complete panoramic view of the island and can feel the ocean breeze blowing through your hair. Hiking or riding back down the mountain, we’ll also pause at Ahu Akivi, one of the island’s most beautiful Ahu sites. Then we’ll return to the hotel and you’ll have the evening free.

*This tour can be done by horse or trekking to the same area.

Easter Island Ecolodge Hanga Roa

At and agreed-upon time, your transfer will pick you up at your hotel in Hanga Roa and drive you to Mataveri International airport to catch your flight back to Santiago (flight not included).

At your arrival at Santiago’s airport, your driver will pick you up and drive you to your hotel in Santiago.

Bidasoa Eco Boutique Hotel Santiago de Chile

This day we’re turning you into an honourary «Santiaguino» on this city tour that takes you inside local life! Hop onto local transit by taking the public transportation (metro tickets included) and discover the best places to eat by tasting traditional Chilean dishes in local markets, admire the historical sites and learn about best spots for just hanging out. By the end of it, you’ll be blending in like a true Santiago local.

Then you will return to the hotel and have the rest of the day at leisure.

Bidasoa Eco Boutique Hotel Santiago de Chile

Start the tour by departing from Santiago in a comfortable, air-conditioned minivan. Begin the scenic drive through the outskirts of Santiago, including Casablanca Valley.

The first stop will be in Valparaiso City where we’ll explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site on foot. We will visit the port, the Plaza Sotomayor, the Cerro Alegre, Concepcion and Florida hill, using local transport such as the Trolebús and elevators, both heritage elements. We can look at the amazing street art there and learn about the history, architecture, and legacy of the early 20th, late 19th century immigrants who made this city so multicultural and cosmopolitan. Once we’ve finished our tour, we will have lunch at a local restaurant (not included).

After lunch, we will visit the organic vineyard, the Emiliana Winery. Despite its late start in wine production, Casablanca Valley has gained recognition worldwide for the production of white and red wines. Take the opportunity to taste 4 different wines produced here, accompanied by a local cheese or chocolate. Take a guided tour of the winery afterwards, where you will also learn how the plants and livestock ensure the organic growth of the grapes.

Finally, return to the minivan and begin your journey back to the capital.

Bidasoa Eco Boutique Hotel Santiago de Chile

Pick-up at your hotel to drive you to the Santiago airport to catch your flight to Calama city (flight not included).

Flying into Calama from Santiago, you’ll be picked at the Calama Airport (the nearest airport to San Pedro) by your guide and driver, who will take you to the town of San Pedro de Atacama. During the hour and a half-long drive, you’ll be able to observe the surrounding desert-scapes, consisting of sweeping lunar-like plains, strange salt formations, and multi-coloured hills, all set against the backdrop of the Andes and Domeyko mountain ranges and the bluest skies you’ve ever seen in your life. Upon our arrival in San Pedro, you’ll be dropped off at your hotel and, after checking in, will have the rest of the afternoon and evening free to explore at your leisure; San Pedro is a great town to discover on foot, walking down cobblestoned streets lined with adobe buildings full of local restaurants and stores. Following dinner, you have the option to take part in a stargazing tour on the outskirts of town, where the full grandeur of San Pedro’s night skies (some of the clearest in the world thanks to the altitude, lack of light pollution, and abundance of clear nights) are best appreciated.

Optional PM Activity: Stargazing tour to observe and learn about the majestic Atacama sky.

Desertica Hotel San Pedro de Atacama

Please note: Activities may vary or have to be changed due to bad weather, unsafe road conditions, etc. However, should a cancellation take place, an alternate activity/excursion will be arranged. 

After breakfast at the hotel, your guide and driver will pick you up around 8 am and begin the drive to the “puna”, the local word for the high-altitude plateau that lies further out in the desert and is home to some of the Atacama’s most ruggedly beautiful landscapes. Along the drive, you may have the chance to see local wildlife like vicuñas and nandus (Lesser Rheas or South American Ostrich). After roughly an hour of driving up from the valley floor toward the clouds, we’ll arrive at the Miscanti and Miñiques lagoons, two shimmering lagoons cradled between mountains and volcanoes. Here, we’ll stop and explore, walking along paths near the shore to admire the lakes’ rich, jewel-like colours, the colourful hills, and the local flora and fauna like Chilean and Andean flamingos, Baird’s sandpiper, and more. Part of the Los Flamencos National Reserve, these two lagoons sit over 13,000 feet (4,000 meters) above sea level, and everyone who visits is enchanted at the silence and tranquillity of this special place. 

We’ll then drive to Socaire, a traditional adobe village of just 360 inhabitants. The village is famous for preserving the way of life of the Atacameño people who first lived here thousands of years ago, with the modern-day residents carrying on their traditions and customs like growing corn, beans, quinoa, and alfalfa on terraces, raising llamas, alpacas, and sheep, and creating beautiful handicrafts. After lunch at a local restaurant, we’ll visit some of the village’s weavers, where we’ll learn about and observe their knitting. After this class, we’ll return to San Pedro for a free evening.

Desertica Hotel San Pedro de Atacama
DAY 10

This tour is not recommended for those with high-blood pressure or who are sensitive to high altitude. If so, please inform in order to provide a different excursion. 

Today, we’ll visit the famous Tatio Geysers, which at 14,173 feet (4,320 meters) above sea level are the highest in the world! Normally, people visit the geysers very early in the morning to observe the steam in the cold dawn hours but to avoid the crowds and offer a more unique experience, we’ll be visiting when nearly everyone else has gone. At around 6:30 am, we’ll drive first to the village of Machuca on the way to the geysers, where you can be charmed by the traditional buildings and church, as well as interact with the locals who have lived here for generations raising llamas and farming. We’ll likely have the place all to ourselves before the crowds of tourists coming back from the geysers descend on the town.

We’ll then continue on to the Putana wetlands next to the Putana Volcano, where we’ll pause to observe the local birdlife and dazzling colours of the wetlands; if we’re lucky, we may also see other wildlife like guanacos, lamas and suri!

Then, a short drive further on, we’ll arrive at the geysers, which we’ll have nearly all to ourselves as the early-morning tours will have departed. We’ll walk along marked paths through the geysers, watching them erupt. You also have the option of taking a quick soak in the river next to the geysers! After exploring the area, we’ll return to San Pedro (around roughly 2:00 pm) and you’ll have the rest of the day to relax or explore.

Desertica Hotel San Pedro de Atacama
DAY 11

Even though it’s the last day, there’s still one last stop before leaving San Pedro. We’ll depart early in the morning to visit one of the most famous places in the Atacama, the Valle de la Luna (Valley of the Moon), an otherworldly valley of rock and salt that, over time, has been sculpted into out-of-this-world formations and shapes; it looks a bit like being on the moon (hence the name). After arriving, we’ll enjoy breakfast while the rising sun reveals the full splendour of this lunar landscape. 

After witnessing what must be one of the most beautiful sunrises on Earth, we’ll have the opportunity to visit an “Ayllu”, an ancient community-dwelling of the Atacameños or Lickan-Antai tribe. Walking along the paths between the houses, we’ll be able to observe how the dry desert heat and sand has preserved this glimpse of how these tribes lived so long ago. We’ll even have a chance to discover the tastes and flavours of the Atacama by trying a sample of traditional food, prepared for us by an Atacamenian family with fresh, local ingredients. We’ll return to San Pedro around 11:30 am, and, at a pre-arranged hour, your driver will pick you up from your hotel to take you to the Calama Airport for your return flight to Santiago.

At your arrival at Santiago airport, your driver will be waiting for you to drive you to your hotel, having the rest of the day at leisure.

Bidasoa Eco Boutique Hotel Santiago de Chile
DAY 12

After incredible days exploring Chile is time to say farewell!

Your driver will pick you up at your hotel at an agreed time and drive you to the Santiago International airport for your flight back home with great memories to share.

Sept 13, 2020 – December 31, 2020

  • Price based on Double Occupancy – From USD$ 4,780 /Per person

April 1, 2020 – Sept 12, 2020

  • Price based on Double Occupancy – From USD$ 4,690 /Per person


  • High Season – From USD$ 8,110 /Per person
  • Low Season – From USD$ 7,930/Per person

This listed price is based on two people sharing a double room. The price may vary due to the time of year you travel, the size of your group, accommodation availability and not counting special dates.  ** Solo travellers or guests staying in single rooms must pay a single supplement. Otherwise, the rates would be readjusted upon request. *** The single supplement is based on Regular tours, availability of which must be confirmed prior to reservation of the trip. **** If the mentioned hotels are not available, alternative hotels will be provided of a similar standard *****

Price Includes

  • Accommodation as mentioned on the itinerary (11 nights)
  • Ground transportation as mentioned on the itinerary
  • Semi-private & private excursions, as mentioned on the itinerary, with bilingual guide (Max. 10 passengers)
  • Entrance fee to Los Flamencos National Reserve (Miscanti & Meñiques Lagoons, Tatio Geysers & Moon Valley)
  • Entrance fee to Rapa Nui National Park


  • International & domestic flights (In case you’d like to add the tickets, please let us know)
  • Travel insurance
  • Meals and beverages not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Ground transportation not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Gratuities


Meals as mentioned on the Itinerary:

  • Day 1:  —
  • Day 2: Breakfast
  • Day 3: Breakfast, lunch
  • Day 4: Breakfast
  • Day 5: Breakfast
  • Day 6: Breakfast, food samples
  • Day 7: Breakfast
  • Day 8: Breakfast
  • Day 9: Breakfast, lunch
  • Day 10: Breakfast on site
  • Day 11: Breakfast on site, snack at a local village
  • Day 12: Breakfast


Hotel Options

To provide you with the best experience possible, we’ve handpicked the best hotel options for you to choose from. Most of the hotels we partner with are boutique, offering more personalized service and top-notch amenities, with bedrooms available on a double/twin or single basis. 


  • Bidasoa Eco Boutique Hotel (Top recommended option)
  • Cumbres Hotel
  • Ismael Hotel
  • Altiplanico Bellas Artes Hotel

Easter Island

  • Easter Island Ecolodge (Top recommended option)
  • Vai Moana Hotel
  • Altiplanico Rapa Nui Hotel
  • Hare Uta Hotel

San Pedro de Atacama

  • Desértica Hotel (Top recommended option)
  • Cumbres San Pedro de Atacama Hotel
  • NOI Casa Atacama Hotel
  • Altiplánico San Pedro de Atacama 


Why is this trip sustainable?

  • The food provided is locally prepared with most-products from the region
  • You will travel Plastic-Free throughout your trip | We use reusable or glass bottles and recyclable containers
  • Our top recommended Hotels count with a plan of sustainability
  • During this 12-days tour, we work in collaboration with communities in Rapa Nui, Socaire, Machuca and Coyo
  • We make sure our tour groups are small, both to improve the experience for you and to reduce the impact on the places we visit.
  • We respect and value the lifestyles, beliefs, and traditions of the local communities we visit.


Duración: 12 days

Precio: From USD 4,780 / persona

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