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Requirements for entering Argentina

Entry to Argentina from abroad


Argentina does not requires validation of vaccines, but upon entering the country,  you will need to prove full vaccination status via document from a national or state-level public health body if vaccinated abroad.


  • All foreigners who wish to enter Argentina must submit an affidavit at least 48 hours before boarding on the website DDJJ.. If vaccinated overseas, provide proof of full vaccination scheme status via a document from a national or state-level public health organization.
  • A PCR or Antigen test to enter Argentina, although it is not mandatory, we advise all travelers to undergo a diagnostic test before traveling (48 to 24 hours before boarding the international plane) to avoid any inconveniences upon arrival.
  • In addition, a medical insurance it’s mandatory to enter the country, with a minimum coverage of USD $ 30,000. Which covers any expenses caused by COVID-19.
  • All land, maritime and air steps are available to enter the country.


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