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USD$ 3,900 / 8 days


On this expedition, you will put your photography knowledge into practice and learn new techniques. Chilean Patagonia is a photographer’s paradise, as it’s home to ancient forests, glaciers, Patagonian pampas, the southern ice field, turquoise lakes, the Patagonian Andes, and oceanic islands. You will also have the chance to spot some native wildlife, such as South Andean deer, South American gray foxes, guanacos, penguins, southern birds, and – we hope – pumas.

The program is aimed at lovers of photography who would like the chance to explore, share, and photograph places, animals, and events throughout this trip to one of the most remote and visually stunning regions of Chilean Patagonia.


Renowned for its beautiful and stark scenery, diverse ecosystems, wildlife, and isolation. Chilean Patagonia, which is found in the south of Chile, has become a haven for photography aficionados such as ourselves. Here, we’ll find our inspiration over the course of this 8-day program, during which we’ll get to know the spectacles of nature in Torres del Paine National Park, which was voted the eighth wonder of the world. Here, amongst the park’s mountains, glaciers, and grassy plains, we’ll work with local trackers and expert guides in search of the elusive puma, before turning to the sea and sailing to Magdalena Island in the Strait of Magellan to see the Magellanic penguin colony that calls the island home.


Itinerary Details

Day 1 - April 1st
Starting from Punta Arenas (PUQ Airport)

After arriving at the Punta Arenas airport, an agency guide and driver will be waiting to take you to the Hotel Cabo de Hornos, where you’ll spend your first night. Once you’ve checked in, you will go to one of the hotel’s meetings rooms to be acquainted with a professional photographer & local guide, who will both accompany you throughout your stay in Patagonia. They will fill you in on the program details and answer any questions you may have while you enjoy a delicious welcome cocktail, mingle with other guests, and enjoy of local products. Then you’ll have free time to eat and explore this gorgeous city, with attractions such as the Punta Arenas cemetery – considered one of the most beautiful in the world – the Plaza Muñoz Gamero, which is a local landmark, or the Sara Braun Palace, a historic monument.

Day 2 - April 2nd
On towards Torres del Paine

After breakfast at the hotel, you will begin your adventure to Torres del Paine National Park along with your team of professionals. On the way, you will get to admire the Patagonian pampas, crop fields, and cattle typical of the region, as well as learning about the area’s history from your expert guides. When you reach Puerto Natales, you’ll enjoy lunch in a local restaurant and then stop off at one of the region’s most important natural monuments, the Milodon Cave, in which prehistoric sloth remains were found. When you have explored the monument, you’ll continue on towards to Hotel Las Torres where you will spend the next five nights. After dinner, you’ll meet up with the team and they’ll give you all the information you need for the following day.


Day 3 - April 3rd
Torres del Paine panoramic scenery (Cuernos viewpoint)

The day will begin with a full-day excursion to the Cuernos and Condor viewpoints, starting from the Salto Grande, a waterfall connecting two lakes. There, you will walk a path with incredible panoramic views of the Cuernos del Paine, which are clearly visible. On the way, your tour-leaders will make several stops where you can take pictures, advising you on some techniques you can put into practice. The sheer range of colors will astound you. Your trek will continue on towards the Condor viewpoint, where you will enjoy even more amazing views and quite possibly spot some condors and eagles. The day will end with your return to Hotel Las Torres. 

*Please note that all activities detailed in the itinerary and below are subject to modification, depending on the group’s interests, abilities, and any unforeseen circumstances such as weather or unexpected closures. All meals are subjected on schedule, decided and reported timing by your guides.


Day 4 - April 4th
Sailing to Grey Glacier

Early morning you will meet your guide, and begin your drive towards the park’s western lakes. During the journey, you’ll enjoy spectacular views of the park, the Paine Torres, and Los Cuernos, making different stops at viewpoints where you can admire the scenery and put some of your photography techniques into practice. Then you will walk through beech forests and along the beach to the dock and begin your sailing trip on Lake Grey. From the boat, you’ll have amazing views of mountains, icebergs, nothofagus woods, and – if you’re lucky – ‘South Andean deer’ among other endangered animals. When you are nearing the Grey Glacier, you will get an up-close look at its huge walls, intense colors, and loud ice cracking. After your sailing trip, you’ll head back to Hotel Las Torres.

Day 5 - April 5th
Photo Safari and Puma Tracking (Private ranch)

On your fifth day, your photographic adventure will consist of the search for and tracking of the king of Patagonia, the puma – as well as other wildlife native to the region, such as the South American gray fox, armadillo, guanaco, and Southern birds. The excursion will take place on a private ranch with help from tracking specialists.

The activity will begin in the early morning, in order to capture the colors of the sunrise and head to the places frequented by pumas. Around midday, must have a quick break for lunch and then continue your search in the afternoon, to increase your chances of spotting a puma.

In the evening, you’ll meet your team to get all the necessary information for the next day.

*Photographs: @JustinHofman and @EcochileTravel

Day 6 - April 6th
Hiking to Base Torres (Demanding)

The excursion to the Base of the Torres (Towers), for which the park is named, will begin. This is a demanding trek which takes 9 hours and requires a good level of fitness – but it’s worth doing!

Depending on the group and interest levels, you will make stops along the way to photograph the incredible landscape of rivers, forests, native wildlife, lakes and mountains.

Your ascent will begin once you’ve crossed the River Ascencio towards the Paso de Los Vientos (480 metres above sea level). There, you’ll have sweeping views of the pampa, lakes. and valley. Then you’ll descend towards the Chilean Camp, and the terrain will become more challenging as you’ll have to go up a moraine via a steep path leading to the viewpoint. Once there, you will be able to take photographs, admire the amazing Torres and Cuernos del Paine rock formations, enjoy a breathtaking view, and relax with a packed lunch. Your return will consist of a 5-hour descent back to your Hotel.

Day 7 - April 7th
Torres del Paine N.P. to Punta Arenas

On day 7, at an agreed-upon time set by the team and the other guests, you will head to the city of Punta Arenas, stopping along the way for lunch in Puerto Natales. Then you’ll travel the Hotel Cabo de Hornos, where you will spend your last night. When you’ve checked in, you’ll have time to go out to eat or explore a little more, and the day will finish with a closing talk at the hotel at a pre-agreed time. There, you will be able to exchange photographs, ask any questions about photographic techniques, and find out about the final (optional) activity the following morning.

Day 8 - April 8th
Magdalena & Marta Islands (Penguin Watching)

On your last day, after breakfast, a van will pick you up at the hotel and head to the pier where you’ll start your spectacular sailing trip towards the islands of Magdalena and Marta – both home to valuable ecosystems. On the former, you will disembark to visit the colony of Magellanic penguins at the Los Pinguinos Natural Monument, where over 150,000 of these birds live. Then, you’ll continue your journey towards Marta island, where you’ll get off to observe a large colony of over a thousand sea lions and native birds.

Once the activity is finished, our transport will take you to the airport, where the program will officially end and you will be able t say goodbye to everyone and will fly away with unforgettable memories in this incredible experience!

PRICE PER PERSON: 3,900 USD (Based on a group of 12 people)

This group-tour requires a minimum of 12 people to confirm departure.

Small-group guaranteed.


  • Tour-leader and photographer.
  • 5-night stay at Hotel Las Torres in the NP of Torres del Paine
  • 2-night stay at Hotel Cabo de Hornos in the city of Punta Arenas
  • IN AND OUT private airport transfer
  • Private transport throughout the programme
  • Entry fees to attractions
  • 4 full-day private tours in the Torres del Paine Park
  • Sailing to Magdalena island and Grey Glacier
  • Meals on route (According to Itinerary)

Day 1: WM

Day 2: B-L-D

Day 3: B-BL-D

Day 4: B-BL-D

Day 5: B-BL-D

Day 6: B-BL-D

Day 7: B-L

Day 8:B

Breakfast: B, Lunch: L, Box Lunch: BL, Dinner: D, Welcome Meeting: WC


  • Travel Insurance (Mandatory
  • Airplane tickets (All flights)
  • Backpack and gear 
  • Cameras and Photography Set


Duration: 8 days

Price: USD$ 3,900 / person

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