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USD$ 4,560 / 12 days


Day 1: Arrival in Santiago – City Tour.
Day 2: Puerto Varas – Naturalist Circuit.
Day 3: Chiloé Island: Penguins Colony.
Day 4: Puerto Varas – Two Volcanoes Hike.
Day 5: Huilliche Local Immersion.
Day 6: Punta Arenas – Magdalena Island.
Day 7: Torres del Paine – Base Torres Hike.
Day 8: T. del Paine – French Valley Hike.
Day 9: Patagonian Estancia La Peninsula.
Day 10: Kayak and Culinary Experience.
Day 11: Puerto Natales to Santiago.
Day 12: Santiago.


From smoldering volcanoes and timeless forests to glacier-carved mountains, ice fields, and wind-swept plains, southern Chile is a wonderland of unbelievable landscapes that have drawn people from all over the world for centuries, turning it into a cultural melting pot. On this 12-day tour, you’ll travel from the idyllic wilds of the Lakes District to the rugged expanses of southern Patagonia, encountering incredible nature, outdoor adventure, local wildlife, and cultural and culinary experiences that are wholly unique to this region of the world.

Itinerary Details


Welcome to Chile! A representative from our company will meet you at the Santiago International Airport to welcome you upon arrival. During the drive to your hotel, our representative will tell you more about your upcoming itinerary, as well as answer any questions you may have.

Private Half Day Tour: A Bite of Santiago.

During the afternoon, you’ll head out on a tour of the city where you’ll learn about Chilean history and culture by visiting the city center and other important monuments, as well as getting a taste for the local cuisine by visiting food markets and stalls to try traditional dishes, learn about their preparation, and meet locals.

Meals: Food samples.

Overnight: Eco Boutique Bidasoa Hotel.


At a pre-arranged time, we’ll pick you up from your hotel in Santiago to take you privately to the airport for your flight to Puerto Montt. Once you arrive, a representative will be waiting to welcome you and drive you to the Lahuen Ñadi Natural Reserve, a small park in the Lake District.

Known as the “Gateway to Patagonia,” the Lakes District boasts of some of Chile’s most spectacular but undiscovered natural wonders, as well as an incredible biodiversity of plant and wildlife. During our stay here, we’ll be using the town of Puerto Varas as our base camp.

Private Half Day Tour: Lahuen Ñadi Natural Circuit.

On this first day, after flying from Santiago to Puerto Montt, we’ll head to a nearby natural reserve for an easy hike to introduce you to the flora and fauna of southern Chile, guided by a professional naturalist. On the way, we’ll pass the scenic River Maullín before reaching the reserve, which protects some of the region’s threatened temperate rainforests as well as one of the last patches of native Alerce trees in the area. We’ll then head to Puerto Varas for the evening.

Meals: Breakfast.

Overnight: Mero Gaucho Boutique Hotel.


Private Full Day Tour: Chiloe, Penguin colony and local culture.

We’ll pick you up from your hotel in the morning to head to the main island of Chiloé, one of the most fascinating places in the Lakes District, home to a distinct culture and way of life, incredible plant and wildlife, and magical tales about ghost ships, mermaids, and warlocks. Crossing over onto the main island, we’ll head to a penguin colony at Puñihuil, where we’ll be able to observe Humboldt and Magellanic penguins. We’ll then explore local communities and towns to learn more about these islands. The Chilote people are extremely welcoming and open, so we’ll have chances to meet and chat with locals for a more immersive, authentic experience. We’ll then return to the mainland and head back to Puerto Varas for the evening.

Meals: Breakfast and Lunch.

Overnight: Mero Gaucho Boutique Hotel.


Private Full Day Tour: Two Volcanoes Trekking.

Ready to hike on a volcano today? Well, not just one volcano: two volcanoes! Today, we’ll spend the day hiking among the foothills of two of Chile’s most active and beautiful volcanoes, both located near Puerto Varas. You’ll first hike on Calbuco Volcano and secondly Osorno Volcano. You’ll pass through landscapes that have seen recent eruptions and are covered in black lava and basaltic rock formations, as well as the temperate rainforests that encircle the base of the volcano. During the hike, the guide will tell you all about the geology of the volcanoes and landscapes, pointing out how local flora and fauna has adapted to live in such a harsh, unpredictable environment.

After finishing our first hike, we’ll head to the trailhead for our next hike, with a break along the way for lunch. At the afternoon we’ll be returning to Puerto Varas for a relaxing evening.

Meals: Breakfast and Box Lunch.

Overnight: Mero Gaucho Boutique Hotel.


Private Full Day Tour: A Day in Huilliche Territory.

Today in the morning, you’ll get a chance to learn about one of the indigenous groups that calls the Lakes District home: the Huilliche. The Huilliche are one of several groups for whom this region is an ancestral home, but colonizers and settlers have taken their lands and eroded their cultural, political, and societal influence here, but these groups still exist and practice their unique cultures. At this traditional Huilliche village, you’ll get to learn about their way of life, history, cuisine, medicine, and more, to gain a more nuanced understanding of the history of the Lakes District.

In the afternoon, you’ll be taken to the airport for your flight to Punta Arenas, one of the southernmost cities in the world. Once you arrive, a representative will be waiting to welcome and drive you to your hotel.

Meals: Breakfast and Lunch.

Overnight: La Yegua Loca Boutique Hotel.


Shared Half Day Tour: Navigation to Magdalena Island.

In the morning, you’ll get to experience one of the most exciting parts of living in Patagonia: the amazing wildlife. You’ll hop on a boat tour that will head to Magdalena Island, a protected nature reserve that is home to thousands of Magellanic penguins! The island is a breeding ground for them, and your guide will tell you all about this species as you follow the marked paths through the colony, heading toward a scenic lighthouse where you’ll be told more about the island’s ecosystem.

After arriving back in Punta Arenas, you’ll swing by the hotel to pick up your things and will then be transferred to Puerto Natales. Along the way, you’ll pass beautiful landscapes and probably see some local wildlife. We’ll also pause periodically to stretch our legs and use the bathroom. When we arrive in Puerto Natales, you’ll be taken to your hotel for dinner and a relaxing evening before tomorrow’s big hike.

Meals: Breakfast and Snacks.

Overnight: Vendaval Hotel.


Shared Full Day Tour: Base Torres.

After a hearty breakfast, we’ll head out early to take on Torres del Paine’s most iconic hike: the Base de Torres or Base of the Towers hike! Along the way, be sure to pause and look around to take in the spectacular scenery. After reaching the entry point to the valley, the trail descends into the forest along the valley floor. The trail continues through an ancient forest of lenga trees until it reaches the base of a steep glacial moraine, which we must climb up. It’s the most difficult part of the trail, but well worth it because at the top, you get the ultimate reward: the famous view of the dramatic Torres: the trio of granite spires for which the park is named, rising above a blue glacial lake. We’ll pause here a while to rest, enjoy lunch, and soak up the view before retracing our steps back to the trailhead. From there, we’ll drive back to the hotel for a well-deserved rest.

Meals: Breakfast and Box Lunch.

Overnight: Vendaval Hotel.


Shared Full Day Tour: French Valley Trekking at Torres del Paine

The French Valley is one of the three main highlights of  the “W” Trek — the famous circuit that navigates the mountains of Torres del Paine in a w-shaped path — and it is one of the most striking places along the route.

The day begins at Pudeto Dock on the far side of the vibrant Lake Pehoe, where we will take a catamaran across the lake to Paine Grande. Upon arriving at Paine Grande, the sight of the mountains looming overhead is astonishing. we’ll start the hike up toward the mountains skirting the edge of the massif. Along the way, we’ll encounter shimmering lakes, forests, and rolling grasslands. We’ll hike upwards into the mountains to the entry point of the French Valley called the French Lookout, where you’ll be treated to amazing views of the surrounding mountains, lakes, and a hanging glacier that regularly calves parts of the glacier down the mountain walls.

After a pause for lunch and to soak up the scenery, we’ll retrace our steps back to the catamaran, recross the lake, and return to the hotel for the evening.

Meals: Breakfast and Box Lunch.

Overnight: Vendaval Hotel.


Shared Full Day Tour: Estancia La Peninsula 

Today, we’ll visit one of these historic “Patagonian” ranches to learn about its history and culture, as well as how it’s making moves to turn sheep farming in Patagonia into a more sustainable enterprise.

Estancia La Peninsula is located on a remote peninsula that’s a 30-minute boat ride up into the fjords from Puerto Natales, the gateway town to Torres del Paine. Arriving at the estancia, we’ll spend the full day immersing ourselves in the estancia lifestyle through activities and educational demonstrations. You’ll have the choice of either going on a horseback ride, hike, or drive to explore the property, which has amazing views of the fjords and is a sanctuary for local birds and other wildlife. Returning to the ranch house, you’ll also get to observe sheep-shearing and sheepdog demonstrations and eat a traditional Patagonian barbecue known as “asado al palo” which is enjoyed with other side dishes and Chilean wine.

At the end of the day, we’ll take the boat back to Puerto Natales and return to your hotel for the night.

Meals: Breakfast and Lunch.

Overnight: Vendaval Hotel.

DAY 10

Shared Half Day Tour: Kayaking Eberhard Fjord.

Today you’ll get to appreciate the rugged spectacle of Patagonia’s fjords from a wholly unique perspective: a kayak! We’ll head to Puerto Prat, where we’ll be greeted by our hosts who operate the kayaking tour. These kind people open their homes to us and tell us about their lives in remote Patagonia. We’ll then receive our gear, listen to the safety lecture, and then head out onto the waters!

The excursion will navigate along the historic Eberhard Fjord, from Puerto Prat to Puerto Consuelo, passing by Kruger Island (Island of the Dead). During the excursion, we’ll pause on a remote shore to take a 40-minute walk to visit amazing viewpoints. We’ll then jump back into our kayaks and return to Puerto Prat to enjoy a tasty local meal consisting of fresh bread, homemade jams made from native berries (calafate, currant, raspberry, rhubarb or rosehip) and more! After eating, we’ll head back to Puerto Natales

Shared Half Day Tour: Local Cuisine with Mickael.

Despite its remote location, the town of Puerto Natales attracts many interesting people, who are drawn there by the natural beauty, culture, and warm, friendly inhabitants. One of these people is Mickael. Born in Rennes in 1973, as a young man he studied the culinary arts, working at various restaurants in his hometown before traveling around the world to learn and master other cuisines. He visited Chile in 1998 and fell so in love with it that he returned to move to Puerto Natales. He still continues cooking to this day, and opens up his home to visitors for a special dinner that showcases local and international flavors and recipes, not only tasting one of the best meals to be had in Patagonia but getting to meet, chat, and laugh with one of the locals that makes this town such a special place!

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

Overnight: Vendaval Hotel.

DAY 11

At a pre-arranged time, you’ll be picked up from your hotel in Puerto Natales for a private three hour drive to the airport in Punta Arenas. After arriving in Santiago and getting settled at the hotel, you’ll have the chance to explore Santiago on your own and get dinner.

Meals: Breakfast.

Overnight: Eco Boutique Bidasoa Hotel.

DAY 12

It’s the final day! Depending on when your flight is, you may have spare time during the day to visit some more of Santiago’s best points of interest. Below are a few suggestions, and we are available to help book/arrange any of these if you like. Then, at a prearranged time, you’ll be picked up from your hotel and taken to the airport for your departure flight. Safe travels!

Meals: Breakfast.

End of EcoChile Services.

2020 – 2021  SEASON RATES

Land Portion Pricing: Group of 2 people

Price per person
>> USD 4,560 High Season (Jan and Feb)
>> USD 4,500  Shoulder Season (Sep – Dec – Mar – May)

(Rates based on double occupancy)

* Please note that international and domestic flights are not included in this price.

Why is this trip sustainable?

  • The food provided is locally prepared with regional products.
  • You will travel Plastic-Free throughout your trip! We use reusable or glass bottles, and recyclable containers.
  • Our top recommended hotels include sustainability policies as part of their mission and operations.
  • We work in collaboration with local suppliers and communities in each location.
  • We make sure our tour groups are small, both to improve the experience for you and to reduce the impact on the places we visit.
  • We respect and value the lifestyles, beliefs, and traditions of the local communities we visit.

Our Health and Safety Promise:

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we understand that travelers, while eager to get back out there and explore the world, also want to be careful and only travel where and when it’s safe to do so. Just as you take your health and safety seriously, as well as the health and safety of the overall group and the communities we visit, so do we. That’s why, in compliance with national and international health and safety regulations and recommendations, we’ve optimized our operations and tour itineraries to provide you with the safest itinerary possible in a post-pandemic world.

This tour was specifically designed with social distancing in mind, avoiding overly crowded places without sacrificing the experience of discovering the destination. We only partner with hotels and tour operators that are similarly committed to putting their clients’ health first, with the use of cleaning and sanitizing services and only offering tours and excursions when it’s fully safe to do so. All this and more are just some of the ways we’re innovating travel itineraries for the healthier future.


Duration: 12 days

Price: USD$ 4,560 / person

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