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10 Best Day Tours From Santiago, Chile

Septiembre 2, 2016


1. Snow Hike (Winter)

This unique experience provides an excellent alternative without Ski for people who want to visit the Andes mountains, see snow and are eager to be among nature without being surrounded by a lot of people. The snow hike is a guided tour that leaves from Santiago to Cajón del Maipo regularly during winter and includes everything needed for a snowshoe hike.

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2. Cousino Macul Bike and Wine (All year round)

This tour is an excellent alternative for those who want to get involve with good Chilean wine, take a bike ride and appreciate an old vineyard without having to escape far from Santiago. There is different ways to visit this place, you could combine the public bus with a taxi, rent a car or to take a private excursion.

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3. Trekking Cerro Pintor (Summer)

For the more adventurous and hike lovers, this is a tour we recommend, as it is possible to experience high mountains in one day – exceeding 4,000 meters above sea level – without spending the night. To visit this part of the Andes, a good physical condition is required, and it is recommended for people with previous experience in hiking. It is also highly recommended to visit this places with a profesional who knows to lead the way.

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4. Ski Day in Valle Nevado (Winter)

This is one of the best alternatives for a good ski day from Santiago, as it is the highest ski center with incredible views, the largest ski area in South America and the best quality of snow because of its orientation. If you really enjoy snowboarding or ski, we highly reccommend to plan a journey to this ski field that belong to the Andes mountain range from Santiago.

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5. Patagon Loom Workshop and Peumayen restaurant (All year)

Through this initiative, attendees participate in an introductory class to the art of Patagonian loom-finishing work. A lunch prepared with ingredients traditionally used by indigenous cultures of our country at the exquisite Peumayen restaurant located at Bellavista neighborhood is also included.

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6. [Top Rated] Cajón del Maipo Roadtrip (All year round)

This tour is great for those who want to appreciate nature and see Cajon del Maipo without a hard trekking. You will arrive at the beautiful Embalse El Yeso and also visit different places as restaurants, coffee markets and wilderness. Try local products as cheese, wine, season fruits and craft-beer.

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7. Flavors of Chile (All year round)

This tour takes you through the most typical cuisine of Chile and also gives you the opportunity to learn directly and be actively involved in the preparation of typical dishes and snacks, accompanied by a chef who will introduce you to the secrets of Chilean cuisine.

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8. Santiago Photography Tours (All year round)

Guided by professional photographer and city specialists, A Photography tour is perfect for anyone who wants an alternative day in the city, exploring must-see sights – as well as some of its undiscovered locations – whilst learning about photography. Ideal for all levels and experience.

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9. Glaciers and Hot Springs (Summer)

In summer (November to May) the glaciers and hot springs tour is one of the top rated attractions to depart from Santiago, here is combined a trekking to visit a Glacier in “El Morado Park” with the natural Hot Springs from San José Volcano at Baños Morales, you can get this only a few hours from Santiago.

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10. Valparaiso and Casablanca (All year round)

During this full-day tour you get to know the city of Valparaiso and the Casablanca Valley. You can get involved with the colored hills and paths that the cultural city of Valparaiso have to offer. Afterwords a half way between Valparaíso and Santiago you can find different wineries and the best white wines samples from Chile.

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