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How to ask for your customized trip

Octubre 26, 2023

At Ecochile, we absolutely love planning unique vacations for every individual and group that contacts us – in fact, we pride ourselves on our ability to tailor each itinerary to every traveler’s needs. But if you’ve never asked for a personalized itinerary before, maybe you’re used to planning your own vacations, here are a few tips to help ensure that we do the very best we can for you. 

More information means more personalization

If you only read one sentence of this blog, let it be this one: the more information you give us, the more we can do for you! No detail is too small or too big. If you’re traveling for a special occasion, have health-concern that could be relevant, or there’s a trip you’ve always been dreaming of, knowing these can help us shape your trip. 

Tell us where you want to go

Do you have a list of places you want to visit in South America? Let us know! This can be as specific or as general as you like. Maybe you’re dreaming of one specific small town in the Chilean Lake District, or maybe you just want to explore Argentina! The benefits of a bespoke vacation is that we will make a trip that works for you. If you have some destination ideas, include these in your form and make sure to say which are non-negotiable and which would be a bonus ‘if possible.’ 


If you’re totally unsure of destinations, giving us an idea of the kinds of landscapes and activities you want to explore will help us guide you to the perfect vacation. If you have a special interest, from bird-watching to cooking, from cycling to kayaking, wine tasting to photography, we want to hear it! South America is incredibly diverse and we can accommodate almost any activity if you name it!

Have a look at our Instagram & Facebook for more inspiration! 

Equally important is letting us know if there’s an activity that would be an absolute ‘no’ for you. Every traveler is different, and while some may dream of going horseback riding across the Patagonian landscape, that may sound like a nightmare to others. Equally, if you don’t drink alcohol, we wouldn’t want to suggest a trip around Mendoza’s vineyards… 

On that note, let us know if you want a fast-paced vacation to see and do as many things as possible in the time you have, or if you prefer to take it slow and soak up each destination. Of course, we can do somewhere in the middle too!


This is a big one! How fixed are your dates, budget, and destinations? 

Travel times, flight availability, and certain tour requirements (like cruising through Tierra del Fuego or traveling to Antarctica) may shape the rest of your itinerary. If you can be flexible with your dates, do let us know so we can plan the smoothest and most efficient itinerary possible. Equally, if your dates are fixed, we will work with providers to make everything work for you. 

Something to consider before you contact us is what is your priority for your South American adventure: sticking to a strict budget or having the most epic experience possible? If you fall into the first category, we’ll create an incredible vacation that will leave you with amazing memories and without worries about the cost or FOMO of the activities you didn’t do. If you fall in the latter, we’ll offer you some of the best experiences that you can find in Chile and Argentina. If you’re in the middle, willing to spend a little more for something truly special, we’d love to make sure you know all the options available. 

What happens next

Once you’ve sent your form, we’ll take a look, pull a few ideas together and get back to you with a potential itinerary. The more detail you can give us in the first step, the closer you will be to having a confirmed holiday. Be sure to leave a contact number so that we can call (this really speeds up the process for you!), as well as your preferred contact hours and time zone. If you prefer not to be contacted by phone, just leave a note of this and we’ll email the information across instead. 

If you have any questions about planning a trip to Chile, Argentina, or Antarctica, contact us today. Or let’s get started on planning your vacation of a lifetime!

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